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Amanda Jackson

Artists Bio


I am an Essex based painter who has lived beside the Thames Estuary all of my life. As a mature student, I gained a BA (Hons) in Painting and went on to create a practice rooted in the watery environment of my home County, a place that continuously inspires my work.  I am an Alumnus of the Newlyn School of Art Mentoring Program.

I explore ways of using paint to reimagine the landscape.  Through the manipulation of liquid pools of acrylic and oil paint, I exploit unique accidents, allowing forms to coalesce on the canvas and recreate the essence of a watery place and its quality of light, atmosphere and mood.  My paintings are un-peopled but contain traces of humanity’s past and present interventions; they convey my affinity to the environment, one that has slowly seeped under my skin.

I am a member of SEVEN artist book collective, Leigh Art Trail and Two Tree Gallery collective where a small selection of my paintings can be seen.


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