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Linda Jenkins

Artists Bio


I have been interested in painting for many years mostly painting in acrylics. I ‘lived’ in Italy  for over twenty years and had my own studio where l created designs that were transferred to linen for the Italian ladies to hand embroider, l also restored small statues for the local towns and had a small cottage industry of different artworks and crafts. 
The last five years l have been able to dedicate more time to my passion of painting usually on large canvases. I tried my hand at linocut printing about 4 years ago and l can say l am truly hooked on it and trying to improve with each design and print. I belong to some other local art groups and have just started to enter my work into local exhibitions where l have been quite fortunate to have sold some of my paintings and hand printed Linocuts.  This spring one of my larger canvases was voted ‘Best in Show’ which l was very grateful for.

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