Kouroch Wallace

I'm an international artist on a journey to seek out the truth in life and share my discoveries with you through my art and creative writing

I'm creating art with the hope to provide you – the viewer or potential owner – inspiration and enlightenment to help you heal or overcome adversities and encourage personal development and growth. Some of my work also aims to raise awareness and provide solutions to key social issues.

My art is for anyone who's after inspiration and enlightenment to live a more positive, happier and more fulfilling life from a higher state of self.  I aim to provide this through expressing my discoveries of love, kindness, peace, compassion, truth, integrity, conscience and respect through my drawings, paintings and creative writing. These are the principles I seek to learn about and base my life on throughout my journey.

Seeking out the truth is what really drives me in life, and when I do make a discovery, I love to share them with you.

My work is also made more accessible by offering them in the form of printed reproductions, e-books and printed books. If you're just looking to own art solely for decorative purpose, then these works can also serve this purpose for you. 

Ultimately, the art I create must provide true meaning and value to you.

Art holds a very special place in my heart. It has always been a source of deep enjoyment for me. I believe every single one of us has the potential to be special and unique. There has never been, nor ever will be, anyone like you ever again in the history or future of our planet. No one will ever be identical to you – not with the amalgamation of your genes, your upbringing, your environment in which you've been influenced by and your life story. No one can teach you how to be you; this is something you discover from deep within. Therefore, I view art as being: you discovering your unique 'voice' from within and expressing this voice of yours to the world through your unique 'signature' way of portraying who you truly are and what you want to share as an individual.

Art is a very important and necessary aspect of life. It's a true reflection of life in many respects. It teaches you that there's more than one way to solve a problem by thinking creatively and outside the box. Art makes you see things from a different perspective. Of course, art also allows you the opportunity to express yourself – especially your emotions – something we all don't get the chance to do freely in society without being outcast or labeled as 'weird'. And finally, art allows you to carry out the process of creation – like a form of magic – where you witness yourself turn nothing into something. With this, you surprise yourself in revealing what you can achieve. We as humans are capable of achieving a lot more than we think we can. Our minds can be our biggest assets through the power of our imagination, yet at the same time, our own worst enemies through too much self-doubt or cynicism.

I deeply enjoy seeking out the truth in life then sharing with you in the hope that these discoveries will inspire or enlighten you to live a happier and more fulfilling life from a higher state of self.  

I like to paint the world as I see it: with optimism, colour and energy. I use different subject matters whether it being the reality of everyday life or the fantasy of my dreams. However, my inspirations are always rooted in appreciating the simple things and what makes our lives meaningful.

Exploring human emotions is one of the subject matters of my paintings: to capture the defining moments in our lives. It could be through an adversity we face, through a revelation or a moment of elevation and joy we experience.

Another subject is dreams – the other side of reality when certainties are suspended and fantasies flourish. It allows me to escape life's dark realities from time-to-time and enter my own world of beauty, elegance and mysticism.

Nature and astronomy is also a source of inspiration for me. I like to experiment with warm, rich, bold and vibrant colours. I use them as a setting for romance, love and harmony, where unity is the most meaningful. The form and flow of nature leave me in awe. I like to appreciate how every component in a scene compliments each other and fits perfectly – just like the essence of life with how everything is as it should be, in harmony with all other elements in the cosmos. I like to view our universe as one, big massive heartbeat!

I believe we live our lives through the results of our own choices, the actions we carry out, the path we take, our character, our personality and our elements such as our mind, matter, emotions and psyche. However, I feel it's equally important to step up from this level of consciousness and live through a higher state of awareness; a state of unconditional love and divinity. To me, this is the greatest state any human can experience. I can come to experience this divine energy, whether it's through the unity with another or through the power of my imagination and creation. Expressing this through my daily living and artwork is what makes life the most meaningful for me.

Of course, everyone views and defines things in their own way. I strongly believe in God, love and honesty. But the way I define God is different from what most people do. I see God exists, not in the form of 'he' or 'she' but in the form of energy; the ultimate symbol or epitome of goodness. To me, God represents the truth, the light, growth, kindness, compassion, peace, joy, construction, creation - all the positive things which are opposite from negative, in the yin and yang. I believe we all have God in us. We all experience and demonstrate both the good and bad in our lives to varying degrees, and of course, some of us have a lot more good in us than others.