Liz Hine

I have been painting and drawing for most of my life with breaks when living got in the way. I completed a Batchelor of Arts degree in the 80s and during that time I started painting in oils . Oils are my favourite medium as I am very interested in colour and texture and I find I can achieve my best work using this medium. Some years ago I met up with some friends from foundation college and we decided to mount an exhibition in old leigh .ART,ART,ART was born and last year we presented our eighth exhibition. For quite a few years i have been painting the estuary as I find it a constant inspiration. However a couple of years ago I started painting gardens and plants and I completed a series of garden paintings . I have recently started sketching and experimenting with pen and ink . I think it is very easy to stick in your comfort zone and as an artist I am constantly learning and trying to push myself into new areas.