Spring Virtual Exhibition

SAC members are invited to upload images for an on line 'Virtual Exhibition'. Images will be exhibited in a gallery on this web site.  ENTRY IS FREE. 

Enter up to four works, no more than 2MB per file, jpg or png.

Works can be for sale and the SAC will take a 20% commission.

Any sales should go through the web manager and money will only be collected from buyers after they have seen the original work and they are completely satisfied.

SAC logo white with pallet, drop  shad a

Please upload your art here 


Enter in the first box the Title of the painting and then your Name.

In the second box enter the Price, Medium, Size and whether the work is framed.

Finally add an image in the Select File + box. The file name will appear under the box.

After clicking SUBMIT please wait for confirmation, this may take a few seconds.

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