Chris Wiseman

As a youngster I enjoyed art at school, both at Primary, and also at Grammar School where I managed to get an ‘O’ level. Also was very interested in Architecture and that was my ambition, however this was not to be, but I have retained a great interest in buildings, and do enjoy townscapes. Throughout my working life I did continue to draw plans and layouts for supermarkets and small shops so did not completely lose touch with my original objectives.


With little spare time whilst working the painting and drawing was put on a back burner, and did not resurface until the last few years before I was due to retire, then it was taken up again.

Since taking early retirement I have become much more involved with the Southend Art Club, and have been the Treasurer for the last 8/9 enjoyable years, until very recently.


I am largely self taught, having no formal tuition, however have seen numerous demo’s over the years and as they say every day is a school day, and there is always something new to learn from other artists, and would recommend to all members to see as many of our demonstrators as you can, even if it is in a medium you normally do not use.


I have attended a few one day courses which have been very enjoyable, namely Terry Harrison, Vic Bearcroft (where the Victorian Actress picture was done) also Hashim Akib.

I tend to paint a variety of subjects, often just to see if I am able to, mainly in acrylic but sometimes in pastel. I try to paint realism, and do admire hyper realism, which I must try but it will probably stretch my patience, and must admit that when I hear the phrase “you should paint loosely, with a large brush” I do wonder why this is.

As when I try it may start out that way but then I don’t like the way it looks, and it gets more and more detailed until I am happy with it, the joke is I ended up painting on a canvas a metre square with a rigger, and it was one of my best.

So all I would say is do what makes you happy; listen to others but in the end do what you want to do.


Chris Wiseman