Trevor Bavin

I started  drawing at about 12 years of age with pencils.
I carried on into adulthood,  until other things took over, and I had a break of about 20 years.
I started again and since then, I am rarely without a  pencil or brush in my hand.
Now being retired, I have even more timeto devote to my passion.
I have always had a leaning towards Monochrome work, and that is probably my favourite medium to this day.
Some of my more detailed work, takes me in excess of 40 hours to complete.
I am sure that all you like minded Artists would agree that there is nothing quite like getting absorbed in your latest work.
I look forward to the day, whenever that is, that SAC can hold there next exhibition.
It's great to see members work.
The subjects and Mediums are so varied.
Stay safe everyone.