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Mall Galleries.

Hear the Story Behind the Work with The Pastel Society

Simon Hodges PS on the works he is exhibiting at The Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2021.

For his collection of work in this year's exhibition, Simon found inspiration from his visit to Mall Galleries during last year's Pastel Society exhibition and sketching scenes around London prior to the Lockdown in March 2020 with a focus on Battersea and Tower Bridge areas. Other artists are contributing their Stories including Prize Winner Janine Baldwin PS and Liz Balkwill PS

Pastel Society Events Members of The Pastel Society are sharing their working processes through videos you can watch on our website: Watch now Ever Changing by Cheryl Culver PPPS RBA Watch now Exploring Sketchbooks with Simon Hodges PS Watch now Pastel Demonstration by Tony Allain PS ARSMA Watch now Secrets of the Dust with Tom Walker PS

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