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Sharon Pearce

Artists Bio


I am an amateur artist who left school with a GCE in art and never thought about painting again until I retired.  During my early years of retirement I moved to Malta, where my exciting adventure in to painting began again. I attended the School of Fine Art in Valletta as a senior student.  It was all very exciting to attend such a famous school in such a wonderful historical setting. The arched windows of the classrooms had sensational views over the sky, sunsets and deep blue sea – you needed to pinch yourself in case you were dreaming.  It was here, through the ‘ history of art’ classes where I was first inspired by Impressionist Art and artists.  I realised this was a different way of painting and something I wanted to do – I really wanted to try and paint this way.

I returned to the UK, Southend area 5 years ago and joined the local college where I have developed my paintings skills under the guidance of our excellent teacher Dave Crawford.  2017 was a good year to me - I was lucky enough to have 3 of my paintings chosen in the final for the Essex Life Magazine Artist of the Year 2017.

Through Dave’s class and fellow students I heard about Southend Art Club and  I joined last year. I have enjoyed every moment especially the informative lectures given by the club on a regular basis.

In my choice of 12 paintings I have included my first painting (a street scene in Malta), another of a Maltese loaf, and my first ever charcoal drawing ‘David’, some landscapes; and my recent new love in painting – soldiers, military and historical events.  I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed creating them

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