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John Ridd

Artists Bio


I was born in Watford & moved to the Chelmsford area when I was eight and moved to Westcliff in 2020. I've three children, all grown up & have careers or connections with the performing arts, theatre and the music industry.

I've been involved in 'the arts' in various shapes and forms for many years. I’ve made two self-produced albums and played drums in various bands throughout my teens & twenties. Over the last couple of years, I've been able to focus fully on my passion for painting.

My artwork is inspired & fuelled by personal life experiences, events throughout the world and my love of music. I express these thoughts in abstract form and is quite diverse from one piece to the next.

I paint mainly with acrylic paints and favour using metallic colours a lot of the time and I experiment with various types of textures & other mediums.

Check out all my work at: 
Instagram: Johnridd_uk
Facebook: John Ridd Art

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