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Helen Rubinstein

Artists Bio


I am, mostly, self taught although I do go to a class now and then.  I took up my brushes in later life.  I didn't think of either exhibiting or teaching at that point.  Art was just something for me.  A series of happy accidents combined to get me to where I am now.  I work to commission, exhibit and teach.  I'm thoroughly enjoying all of it.


I have lived in the same area all my life so, much of my earlier work was pen & wash scenes of places I know well.
Pencil was my starting point before moving to pen and watercolour and it remains my favourite medium.  I still tend to base my work around watercolour although it has more of a leaning towards mixed media.

I enjoy experimenting with mediums, papers, and more unconventional tools. I also like to challenge myself with many different subjects.

Much of my work has a floral inspiration which comes from my love of gardening.
I am fortunate to live near our local RHS garden at Hyde Hall so, I am never short of ideas.
I also show and teach there.

I am quite well known for my portraits of both people and animals. These are always done in pencil so that I can get the level of detail which I like.

I find tremendous satisfaction in teaching. Sometimes, people just need that little push to set them on their path to either a hugely rewarding hobby or, perhaps, a satisfying career.

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