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Jenny Sexton

Artists Bio


I’m Jenny, wild woman and un-domestic goddess creating soulful art from my studio by the river Crouch.

I have always loved faces and witnessing how much can be told through our expressions. I believe it is possible to preserve the spirit of someone by recounting their raw emotion, capturing it on canvas is so powerful and such a privilege.

I was born into an artistic family and although I loved to draw and paint in my younger years, I ended up going into banking (the least colourful career ever). My creativity continued to weave its way back into my life though, through every avenue it could – whether it was restoring furniture, fashion or embroidery, I was called to be creative from every angle but I didn’t answer the call. So the universe knocked a little louder….

A few years ago I awoke to find I had partially lost my memory. I cannot explain what happened to me, nobody can, not even the neurologists. It came on very suddenly and was so surreal, I lost lots of my memories and it was a frightening time. But in losing my memory I found my creativity. And then I had an epiphany - it all flooded back to me. It was like unlocking all that was lost. My memories may have been taken but my passion and soul purpose were reawakened. After all, you don’t need to remember to paint – just to feel. Painting became my place of positivity, a way back to me. And the rest is history.

My signature style aligns realism with varying degrees of expressionism,  telling the tale by layering on accents of vibrant colour, always searching for the radiance of light.

I learned first hand that memories are magical and you don’t know that until they are gone. This is why above everything I’m a memory maker. Usually found with paint underneath my fingernails, a dog (or three) by my feet and a mug of painter’s tea in my hand (it’s essentially Redbush tea with an accidental splash of colour).

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