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Susan Waymark

Artists Bio

I am a painter based in Leigh-on-Sea.

In my work, I'm inspired by the beauttiful landscapes and take pleasure in creating vibrant and evocative scenes.  My practice focuses primarily on acrylic and oils, using palette knife and brushes to explore the interplay between vibrancy of colour and texture.

Breaking waves, dense forests, ragged rocks and reflections are depicted in a dynamic way by building up layers of tones.  Experimenting with shapes and brushstrokes to create an atmosphere of movement, energy, depth and beauty.

Drawing inspirations from nature, I am on a journey of discovery and I love seeing the subtle nuances come together in each new work.

I'm constantly learning and evolving and I am exited to see how my work further develops over time, through my fluid and intuitive approach.  

Look for me on Facebook and Instagram @susanwaymark

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