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Peter Brown. Solo Exhibition Now Open at Messums London


Peter Brown

London: the return

23 March – 22 April 2022


London: The Return records, in 55 works in oil, a first-hand account of London’s return to unfettered vibrancy.

This significant new show leads on from Brown’s 2021 exhibition A Big Year which observed the disquieting changes to the streets of the capital grinding towards their eventual stillness as the nation withdrew into lockdown and we all stayed at home. London: The Return records bustling life coming back to the city and sees Brown doing what he does best – translating the energy of the street into mesmeric oil. Painting for him is a process that happens in front of his subject regardless of weather, like an embedded reporter covering events as they unfold. His interest is in light and movement, how buildings are translated into colour and how people, vehicles, animals and road signs all add their accidental and ubiquitous charisma. This exhibition celebrates the exuberant return of light and life to the capital.


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