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Our new website has just launched. As well as bringing you the latest news on local arts in the area, we invite you to join our community arts hub. The new SOSAC Community Hub is filled with numerous tools to assist Southend art creatives in getting themselves out into the community. You can comment, chat, and network with other SOSAC members, and find brilliant opportunities to discover amazing talents in all of SOSACs member community. From Drama to Music, we hope this platform will give you the voice to build engagement for your upcoming events. The website is also a source of information for local events across the entire arts sector, we'll be creating our own posts with useful information as well as a constantly evolving Arts Directory and events calendar across six key arts areas.

Music Drama Visual Arts - Film Visual Arts - Art Visual Arts - Photography Written Word How to post your event Arts is here to stay Although we are still in the grip of COVID-19 Find out on SOSAC what's happening. Where it will take place, when it starts and ends. Post your news and events in your own dedicated members area and get the word out! Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation

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